Silent Sunday: Snowy Snapdragons


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I’m Moving In January

movingI’m moving, or at least, my blog is.

Why? doesn’t have what I’ll need to become a serious blogger, especially one that hopes to grow. From what I know, doesn’t allow you to use ads on their site or do much else in those regards. I can understand since I’m not paying them for hosting – that’s free. But since I want to grow my blog, I have to think more about the future – that’s why I’m moving.

I’m really looking forward to this new change. It will mark an important start to my blogging journey!(: When will the move take place? Plans to move my blog from to will happen in January. Where am I headed? To! It allows you to be more flexible in pursing a full-time blog, and that’s why I’m setting up home there instead. The nice thing about this move is that it shouldn’t hamper anything. While the transfer is taking place, this blog will remain intact until it’s been moved.

I have two options in transferring: either do it myself (with an online tutorial) or pay WordPress to do it for me. On one hand, I’d like to try it myself, but on the other, it would be a lot easier to have someone else do it. What will I choose? I don’t know yet, but regardless, will be moving soon anyways. Are you excited? I can’t wait! With the move, I will have an improved theme as well. *super giddy*

In January, expect a whole different space for my stuff. My blog will be more of a website, so I won’t actually be calling it a blog anymore. There will still be blog posts, but it won’t be like it is here at A Sparrow Reads. My new blog will serve as a website for me/my portfolio, for this blog at A Sparrow Reads, and for The Humble Wayfarer (haven’t given up on this idea yet). The theme will be more professional looking, photos will appear different, and the content will be more creative.

This will all happen in January – time to start packing!

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Wordless Wednesday: How Lovely Are Your Branches


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How To Celebrate Christmas As A Writer

christmas-writerChristmas is all about giving, or is it? There are many other ways to celebrate this holiday, and if you’re a writer, you’re in luck today. I’ve got fourteen different ideas for how to celebrate Christmas as a writer.

How To Celebrate Christmas As A Writer:

* All writers read, and if they don’t, they should. Read a book (take A Christmas Carol for an example).

* Most writers have to do research at some point in their life. Search through a book for quotes that strike you (try A Christmas Carol). Make note of these quotes in a notebook or even your journal. Who knows? They may inspire you for one reason or another.

* What writer doesn’t like gifts? I know I do. Buy yourself a writer-themed gift from either or But don’t hog it all to yourself. Read the next entry below to get a sense of what I mean.

* Share the gift-giving spirit. Go write on ahead and buy your writer friend that same gift you just bought for yourself. Take it a step further, cover it in bookish wrapping paper, a newspaper, or design your own kind. In other words, personalize it for them – make it special.

* Have a tree? Most of us do already. Create an ornament using one of your favorite words. If you don’t have a favorite word that will suffice, find one that’s related to the holidays. Don’t know how to make an ornament? Search for a DIY project on Pinterest or Google – you’re bound to find one.

* If you’re a Christian, gather everyone around for story-time and read the parts in the Bible that speak of Christ’s birth. Don’t just leave it there, though. Ask your family or friends questions about it – ex. what does Christ’s birth mean to them? What were their favorite parts about the story?

* Like to send letters or cards? It’s one of my favorite things to do. Mail Christmas cards to everyone – this includes family, friends, and acquaintances. Send them to all people, anyone that would enjoy a card from you – a writer. Don’t be afraid to make it unique either.

* Do what I did, write up a blog post. Struggling to find an idea? Google it, or look on Pinterest for help. I guarantee something will pop up, and you’ll be writing that blog post in no time. Don’t forget to share your post on social media sites or no one will read it – this is incredibly important.

* Are you more of a fiction writer? Excellent, do up a short story. Focus on making the story magical or filled with warmth. Be sure to make it touching or motivational for your readers this Christmas.

* Want to inspire other writers? Create some Christmas related writing prompts and share them. I’m going to do it this month. This will be new for me, but I’m really excited to try it. It will be about three to five writing prompts in total. Look for this post next week(:

* Have a journal? Of course you do. I have far too many of them myself. *chuckles* Take yours and write in it this Christmas. Make mention of what you like most about December 25th – what your favorite traditions are – what Christmas means to you – what you’d like to see changed.

* I LOVE music, don’t you? Listen to your favorite Christmas songs, especially the older ones (the carols). After you’ve allowed them to soak in, search up the lyrics and the artist who wrote them. Why? You may find interesting facts behind the person who wrote the songs.

* Have Pinterest? Speaking of which, I have one here. Feel free to follow me, and I’ll follow you. But, I digress… create a visual board – pin things that inspire your imagination for all-things-festive. These photographic pins may move you to write a short story or an article.

* Last, but not least, donate your time or gifts to children in need. You don’t have to be a writer to do this. If you can’t do physical gifts or a service, donate money to Compassion International, Samaritan’s Purse, or any other organization you like. Bless a child this Christmas.  ❤

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Writing My Book: Log 3 – When Two Characters Are Perfect Friends

log-3Log 3 – When Two Characters Are Perfect Friends

Do you ever have two characters born from your own mind, and you fall in love with them? Not head-over-heels in a gushy-wushy love sort of way. No, it’s more of a I love these two characters, and their banter back and forth is wonderful. They connect on a level I can’t explain. You may think this is silly, but when two characters play off of each other in a book, it’s the funnest thing to work with. It makes writing a pure delight. If you haven’t experienced this, go out and try it with a short story. You’re missing something special as a writer if you haven’t had this happen.

Norwist Diplomat (haven’t given him a name yet) and General Burlox meld together. They’re like a hamburger and a fry. They complement each other. In other words, their friendship is perfect. I have found that writing their dialogue together has been one of the most entertaining things in my book. Why am I still talking about it? I should just be quiet and show you. That way, you can determine for yourself.

(Keep in mind, this is a rough draft)

“I could not have asked for better arrangement,” Norwist Diplomat stated. He dragged the chair out from underneath the table and situated himself on the smooth wood. “Beautiful chairs,” he remarked to no one in particular.

“I will be most happy when I can join my horse in battle once again,” the general reflected. He flexed his hands in anticipation. “I can almost feel the reins.” The general shook his head and crossed both his arms.

“Don’t worry, this meeting will be short,” Norwist Diplomat assured him.

“I cannot sit long. My men need me,” General Burlox fidgeted in his stout chair. The Ownfric Wood creaked under the movement from his weight. “This chair… isn’t large enough to hold me.”

“Be patient. You will soon be with…” Before he could finish his sentence, his voice was cut off by an offensive voice.

“Lady Peacock (don’t have a name for her, but peacock suits her) and King Blah (don’t have a name for him yet *Lol*) of…” the announcer paused, “the rich and lustrous kingdom of Sielle. He pounded the gong with three strikes and reserved the sticks for the next personage to enter.

Queen Peacock strutted her way down the steps – her dress bounced back and forth with each stride she took. The King tried in vain to catch up with her showy entrance. She swayed her hips to the table and placed a hand on the table.

“She reminds me of a chicken,” General Burlox whispered to Norwist Diplomat.

Norwist Diplomat let out a chuckle, “a chicken that needs to be plucked and cooked over a spit.”


Both Norwist Diplomat and General Burlox returned to their seats. In pure restlessness, General Burlox crossed and uncrossed his legs from underneath the table. In which, his knees bumped repeatedly against the wood below. Norwist Diplomat kicked the General in the foot, eliciting a grunt from the man.

Lady Peacock tilted her head in curiosity, “Is your friend alright?”

“Yes, he is only anxious to be with his horse – they grew up together, you see. They shared the same straw for bedding, ate oats, and drank from the watering trough.”

Lady Peacock narrowed her eyes at General Burlox and stated loudly, “I despise horses.”

General Burlox offered her a low grunt as a sign of disapproval. He turned his head to the right and whispered into his friend’s ear, “I will drown your handkerchief in horse manure.”


Norwist Diplomat is, you guessed it – a diplomat for the kingdom of Norwist. And General Burlox? He’s a general. The diplomat is a smooth talker and a sneaky fox. The general, on the other hand, is similar to an ox – burly and a man of action. They appear to be opposites, but share a common value. I can’t reveal anything more than that. What I can say, is that they’ll play crucial roles in my book. So when my book is ready to be read, I hope their friendship strikes a chord within your soul. Maybe they’ll elicit a laugh, a snicker, or a frown. If their true friendship has drawn out any kind of emotion out of you, I’ve done my job.

These two are but a few. I have many characters I’ve developed in my book, but none shine brighter than that of Norwist Diplomat and General Burlox. Funny thing is, they aren’t even the main characters. How does that always happen? *Lol* It’s the supporting characters I often fall for. Why? It’s because they’re the overlooked or the underdog. Their roles are just as important as the main characters sometimes, and I think we forget this about them. Well, I’m giving them a spotlight for once.

Here’s to the characters that aren’t the heroes and heroines, but still play important roles in an even bigger story. Norwist Diplomat and General Burlox have a destiny and it’s all working towards a main objective. What is that exactly? Can’t tell you – yet. It’s kind of a secret.

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Silent Sunday: Winter’s Litter


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Rest In Peace: Petey The Cat


This week one of our country cats passed away. Her name was Petey. She wasn’t just a cat. She was a skilled mouser, a mom to Dawn (our other outside cat), and my little photo buddy. That’s right. She, my camera, and myself were all that roamed together outdoors. It didn’t matter where I went, Petey followed me. Since I often had my camera, she became a furry model for a lot of my shots. Wow. Did she ever know how to strike a pose. If I walked over rocks, down hills, and through trees – she was always there. Like a dog, she trailed after me – showing an interest in my many adventures. She had survived so much – numerous winters, the passing of her brother, and a litter of kittens. She was a hardy little thing.

It all started ten years ago, Petey was born on our property in my Dad’s shop. She was originally named “Spitfire.” There was a simple reason for that. Being the runt of the litter, she made up in spirit for her small frame – hence her original name. She had tiny, soft feet. A beautiful pattern for a coat, and the most striking blue eyes. She could be odd at times, but this made her endearing. Her spunky attitude and independent soul made me admire her tenacity. Because of this, she taught me much so about life.

A few years ago, she lost her Siamese brother to an unknown illness. Her demeanor changed after his passing. Why? Her and her brother were inseparable, they grew up together on our property. She and Cinders were all that were left of their siblings. The other ones had all found homes. After his death, she seemed lonely. Because of this, she spent more time with her daughter and with us. She seemed happier if she had some kind of companion – which her daughter filled. She has now joined her beloved brother.

Petey won’t be easily forgotten. She was a life, and we will grieve her, especially me. I won’t have her as my little photo buddy anymore. When I go out to take pictures, she won’t be there for them. I do have Dawn (her daughter), but she doesn’t show the same interest in following me like her mother did.

She lived a good ten years. I’ve heard that most outdoor cats don’t survive long. She did. She beat the odds. Having a kennel for her to stay in at night, I believe, increased her longevity. But even that wasn’t what kept her alive for a whole ten years. She was smart and spirited. Most of all, Petey was a fighter.

Rest in peace, Petey – my little photo buddy. I will dearly miss you.  ❤

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